Monday, July 6, 2009

Vacation Highlights

We started our vacation in Port Aransas, just Josh and I, for 3 wonderful nights. We celebrated our 5th wedding anv. on June 25th. We left the kids with my parents and headed out for some quality bonding on the beach. We felt giddy and young, like newlyweds again. The kids had fun at camp Grandmas, and Josh and I enjoyed doing whatever we wanted to. We laughed at all the parents struggling with strollers on the beach, calming down whining kids, and chasing toddlers around, as we sat in our beach chairs holding hands, drinking beer, and watching the waves with out a care in the world. We did miss the kids and can't wait to plan a family trip to Port A. They will love the beach, and it was a very family friendly town.

We ate out at every meal, just because we could so easily, and part of my vacation was not having to cook or clean. At one of the bars, the locals all brought their dogs. Port A is a very laid back town. I enjoyed not fixing my hair or wearing makeup. Just beach attire.

We stayed at the Sand Castle. We thought it was really nice, and would highly recommend it. It is right on the beach and has a great big pool. After Port A, Josh headed back to Austin so he could work, and the kids and I went to Leakey with my parents for 1 1/2 weeks of fun in the sun.
Jaden is a river rat. We spent every day in the water, and he can't wait until he is big enough to tube like the rest of us. Brody got in the water too, but I am not sure he enjoyed it as much as his older brother. He will.

I love that we all got to spend our days outside playing.
My dad collects old cars, this is his 31 Ford. Jaden loves to play in them.
The family
My aunt and uncle have a place in Leakey too, so they came over for dinner a few nights.

Jaden loved these flags

Leakey is a town of 387, (plus all of the people that have vacation house there) but every July 4th they have the best little parade in Texas. My Dad, Josh and Jaden rode in Dad's car for the parade and threw candy to the spectators.

Happy 4th of July!!

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Anjie said...

I love the Sandcastle!!! Glad you had a wonderful time sans kiddos!!!