Friday, January 27, 2012

Cedar Fever

I was trying to decide what to post and realized that we have not done anything exciting around here lately. I have been organized and spring cleaning ( which oddly is a little exciting to me ) and Josh and Brody have been dealing with Cedar Fever and Jaden has been a jumping fool on his trampoline that we got for Christmas. That pretty much sums up the last few weeks. Anyways, We have been on the outskirts of Cedar Park for almost two years now. I can't believe it has been that long, and at the same time I hardly remember being anywhere else. Funny how that works. Our beautiful new house is surrounded by cedar trees, not in our yard, but on the greenbelts behind and next to our yard. Every January those cedar trees cause just about everyone in this area to have what is known as Cedar Fever. Cedar Fever is not a fever, but it consists of congestion, coughing, sneezing, watery swollen eyes, etc... Well last year, Josh was the only one to suffer and he ended up getting a cortisone shot that made everything better. This year, poor Brody Bear woke up one morning with his eyes almost swollen shut. They were itching so he kept rubbing them and they looked just awful. I took him to the doctor to get special eye drops and they also put him on Zyrtec. I had to go to 4 different pharmacies to find the eye drops because everyone was out of them. Crazy! Jaden and I have managed to steer clear of the cedar fever, which is odd considering he and I are the ones who have suffered from allergies the most. I guess just not cedar. We did all get a cold this last week, so it has been a long week and we have gone through abnormal amounts of kleenex. The good news is, the cold we all have is in the final stages, and cedar season is almost over. Next year the doctor said to start Zyrtec in December to possibly avoid this same fate next season.
After the drops he felt much better
Jaden wanted to show his eyes too
Poor baby Bear, he looked so much worse in person

Monday, January 16, 2012

Tim Hawkins

Josh and I had a date night Saturday and we saw Tim Hawkins live. He is a christian comedian. And he is funny! If you have never seen or heard of him, you should look him up on You Tube, or his website.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Birthday Week

Josh and I had another great birthday week. Since our birthdays are only 4 days apart, we just go ahead and celebrate them together all week. :) The highlight of our birthday week was Saturday, my actual birthday, when we had a few friends over to watch the Houston Texans WIN! Here are the boys in their texans shirts.

And here is Josh and I supporting our favorite team. Let's hope they win again this weekend!