Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I can't believe summer is over!!!!

 They say that time flies when you are having fun and I have to admit I think that must be true!  This summer has flown by at lightning speed!  The boys and I are back to school and I promise to post more on that soon, but for now, here are some pictures from our recent vacation.  We were fortunate enough to get to spend time with The Bibler side of the family for a reunion and celebration last week. We drove 17 hours to Hiwassaee Georgia!  It is a beautiful place that we have been to before for a previous Bibler reunion when Jaden was only 8 months old.  Georgia was having a 100 year low temperature week while we were there, so we got to enjoy 67 degree weather.  Quite a change from the 100 something degree days here in Texas!  Besides the weather being so pleasant we were there to celebrate Grandma & Grandpa Bibler's 65th wedding anniversary!  WOW!  How blessed they are by God to spend so many years loving each other and how blessed we are to have had the chance to celebrate with them!  Grandma talked about her being P (her name is Pat) and Grandpa being J ( his name is Joe) and how the thing that has held them together so long is the Bread Of Life ( Jesus) so she said to remember them as P, B & J!  And how all three have to be together!  I just loved that!  I want Jesus to be the bread of life for my little family too, so I will hold on to that example they set for us!  We are so fortunate to have God honoring people in our family to set such a great example for us!  Here are the pictures in backward order from our trip, starting with our ride home when Jaden was taking pictures of himself with my camera! I have tons more pictures to download off of my camera, but here are some from my phone!

 On the way to Georgia, we broke up our travel with several stops along the way.  We spent two nights in Biloxi, MS so that we could hit the beach with the kids.  

 We stayed at a hotel right on the beach and next to our hotel was what used to be beautiful beach front houses before Hurricane Katrina & Ike went through there.  I was so saddened by the vacant lots that barely showed signs of what used to be.  Empty driveways and steps that led to nothing.  How heartbreaking for those families who lost everything!  It reminded me to count my blessings!

 Let me just go ahead and be real honest with you, if you are looking for a beautiful beach to visit, Biloxi is not that beach!  Although the kids had fun and didn't seem to mind, Josh and I were a little disappointed with the brownish ocean water and somewhat dirty beaches, we choose to spend the majority of the day at the hotel pool!

 No trip through Louisiana or Misssippi would be complete without a stop to the local alligator  and turtle farm!  The kids just loved it!  

 The first stop on our trip was in Houston to see Kiesch's new house.  It was really nice and the boys can't wait to go back there again soon!