Saturday, June 20, 2009

Summer is in full swing

Summer is in full swing and our family is enjoying every minute of it. We are out and about almost everyday doing all kinds of fun things. Here are some of the highlights.
First of all, I have been walking like crazy . At least once a day I load up the kids and hit the pavement. With two kids on totally different sleeping schedules, sometimes the only time I can go is during nap time, which has lead to sleeping in the stroller.

Brody likes to turn sideways in the swing and then fall asleep, it is really cute
We were playing in the sprinkler in the backyard which then lead to being muddy, so I decided to throw both kids in the sink for a mini bath.
I have been taking the boys to the free movies. It is a fun air conditioned activity for us. We have seen Everyone's Hero and Kung Fu Panda. We have other friends that join us, and then we all go eat afterwards.

Brody loves to be outside, and just chills in his stroller while I play with J at the park. I love that.
Sometimes my neighborhood walking takes a detour at the park so Jaden can play. Jaden's favorite thing at the park is the swings. The higher I push, the harder he laughs.

Jaden & Abby

We had a play date with Abby at the sprinkler park. They of course had tons of fun together.
Chick-fil-a after the sprinkler park

This is one of my favorite pictures. Josh is such a great dad. The boys and I adore him and this picture captures how much they love being with Daddy.

And last but not least, baby Brody is practically crawling. I don't know if it makes me happy or sad, maybe a little of both. He is growing up so fast, too fast. Although I LOVE the fact that he is starting to sleep through the night. We have had several 12 hour nights.

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