Sunday, December 28, 2008

The best Christmas Ever!

Christmas 2008 certainly turned out to be one of the most memorable for our Family! It started out with Santa Webb, bringing Jaden everything he wanted. His favorite toy was his first "Jeep" which he drove up and down the street all morning. Josh then got a wii system, which more importantly included "Rock Band"! He was so surprised and thought, at the time, that this was the most glorious Christmas of all! He did not realize that the most precious gift had yet to arrive!

Rock'in around the Christmas Tree!! We had a Happy Holiday!

Jaden burn'in rubber up and down the neighborhood!

After a day of fun and excitement (and a few cotractions) Natalie decided it was time to head to the hospital just before bedtime. The best gift of the day came at 1:50am on Friday morning! Brody obviously was ready to join in all the fun. He topped off one of the best Christmas' ever!

Jaden is going to be quite the older brother. We are all at home now and doing fantastic. We cannot wait for you all to meet baby Brody! For more pictures of Christmas, click on Bibler Family Photos to the right. Merry Christmas to all!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Spreading Christmas Cheer

We have had a busy week of Christmas activities. Here are some pictures from a few of them. And yes, I am still pregnant.

We went to the Trail of Lights at Zilker Park with The Matison's. It is about a mile of light displays. The kids really liked it.
The Zilker Christmas Tree

Jaden had a Christmas program at school. Notice Jaden is front and center. His class came out last and sat in front. My class and I are on the left side of the picture. All of the kids did a great job singing.

Jaden did great. They tried to get him to sit down with the rest of the toddlers, but he wanted no part of that and stood during the entire thing. He did not dance like he had been doing in practice, but he looked really cute shaking his Jingle Bells.

I thought Jaden would really enjoy decorating sugar cookies, but he was much more interested in eating the icing. He gets that from his daddy.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas Exchange with the Kloesel's

Every year we try to get together with our great friends the Kloesels. Renee and I have been friends since high school, and our husbands have been great friends since we started dating them, and now our boys are great friends too. We ordered mexican (I know really festive) and hung out til the little boys got tired. My wonderful husband decided not to wait for Santa and bought me a new camera, so I am back in the picture taking business. Thanks honey!
Colten and Jaden have so much fun together. They were running from room to room, wrestling, laughing and having a ball.

Jaden got a Santa towel as one of his presents. When he sees Santa he says "HO, HO, HO". I don't know where he learned that from, but I think it is too cute.

Friday, December 12, 2008


We went to Breakfast with Santa last weekend. Unfortunately, the line to see Santa was so long we did not see Santa. Jaden did not mind, he was having to much fun in the bounce house, and riding on the train. Santa Who? I am sure he will get Santa a little more next year.

Most people are waiting for Christmas, I am waiting for this baby to be born. My official due date is DEC 31st, but my doctor says things are already moving along. This very last part of pregnancy is the hardest, the waiting, and the unknown. I am hoping that Brody does not make his big arrival before Christmas. We have to many things going on. Jaden and I have one more week of school, and he has a Christmas program next Friday where his class sings Jingle Bells. Jaden has not been singing in his practices, he has been dancing, which if you know him makes perfect sense. We will make sure and get it on video. I am enjoying all of the holiday cheer around, we even had a little snow the other night. All of my Christmas presents are bought and wrapped, and we are ordering Luby's for Christmas dinner, so I am ready. I hope everyone else is enjoying the season and remembering why we celebrate Christmas.