Thursday, September 29, 2011

Capital of Texas Zoo

Last weekend Sam, Jessica, & Ryder came to visit us. Sam & Jess are selling their townhouse in Houston and needed to escape all the showings they are having and keep the house clean by staying out of it. We loved having them here and wish they were closer. Saturday morning we loaded up and headed to the Capital of Texas Zoo on the outskirts of Bastrop. It was fun! Here are some picture highlights!

The Bears
The porcupines

The Zoo Keeper feeding the white tiger

The white tiger was my favorite. He ate 10 pounds of chicken in 3 minutes. Bone and all. It was a little intimidating. Jaden's fav was the zebra, and Brody liked the goats.

They had a bird atrium that you could go inside of and feed the parrots.

It amazes me that Brody has no fear of the animals. Even when the mean dominant goat pushes all the other ones down to get to the food, he still holds his hand out.

Ryder liked the goats too!

The Zoo Keeper feeding a baby black leopard.

Loaded up for the zoo. We took the wagon just in case one of them wanted to walk, but next time I would leave it at home because the trails are kinda of rough and it makes the wagon hard to pull. The front entrance of the zoo has serves as a snake house and they have several pythons and rattle snakes in there. One of the rattle snakes was in strike position and he kept rattling his tail at us. I might still be a little freaked out about that. I think I could go my entire life without ever seeing another snake, especially a rattler. The zoo was great and we will definitely go again. Maybe when it is cooler.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

JW Tumbles

This summer we went to a few classes at a local little gym place called JW Tumbles. Jaden loved it. The instructors pulled out different activities and the kids took turns performing. Jaden loved it so much that he asked to have his birthday party there. So next weekend we will be celebrating #5 there. I can seriously not believe he will be five years old. Here are a few of the phone camera shots I took during one of his classes.

So Fun! I will post birthday party pictures after the big celebration!

Monday, September 12, 2011

The End of Summer

It is hard to believe that summer is over when it is still 100 degress outside. But we are back in school, football is on tv, and departments stores are fully stocked with jeans, long sleeve t's and jackets. Pretty sure we will not be needing a jacket anytime soon. Although, one morning last week, it was a cool 73 degrees on our way to school, and when Jaden walked out the door he said " Brr, I think I need a jacket mommy!" To which I replied, don't worry it will be hot in about 5 minutes. And I thought to myself, bless his little deep fried southern heart, that he thinks 73 is chilly!

The last weekend before school started, the little boys and I headed to my parents house. I was recovering from my third, yes, third round of strep throat. I just found out last week, that my sweet Brody Bear is a carrier for strep. Which means he doesn't get sick, but he can pass it on to other people and make them sick. Which is why I got it three times. He is on antibotics now, and hopefully that cures the issue.

My mom had two big pots that she hadn't put anything in yet, and the boys thought they made great swimming pools.

We took a day trip to Port A. The boys loved feeding the seagulls pretzel goldfish.

Jaden and Grandma did lots of swimming.

Papa and Brody did lots of digging.

We had a wonderful summer, filled with lots of trips, family and FUN! It was also filled with alot of growing up. The Binkie fairy came to our house and took away the pacifier. Brody moved to a big boy toddler bed, and he potty trained himself. I talked to him about going potty all summer and he would not even consider sitting on the potty. Then, he woke up one day in July, and said, " I go pee pee on the potty now, " sat on the potty, went, and then asked for underwear. And he has only had a few accidents since. Here he is in his Lighting McQueen undies. Because who doesn't want their favorite race car on their booty.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

First Day of School

It is that time of year again! Back to school! I have to tell you that if I think to hard about the fact that this is Jaden's last year at my preschool I start to tear up. But then again, last week I was preparing my classroom for the year, and my two boys were driving me nuts. Picture me on a chair trying to staple a bulletin board while my two munchkins were wrestling on the ground next to me. Not so fun! But this will be my last experience of that, because Jaden will be in Kinder next year! Crazy! Wasn't he just in my belly two days ago? I am not sure that I am a fan of how fast time is flying these days. I do appreciate the fact that both of my kids are some what independent, sleep through the night, go on the potty, etc.. but I slightly miss my babies. I am certain that all mommies go through this at some point. So without further ado, here are this years first day of school pictures, or possibly second day of school.

Washing his hands in his room
Standing by his cubby and his new backpack

In his new room

On our way to school

Jaden rollin his new backpack

We all had a wonderful first day. The kids love their new classes and teachers. And I hate to say it out loud, or online, whatever, but I think I might have the best group of three year olds and parents. They are all so sweet. We are happy to be back to a routine and playing with friends at school. And thank goodness for preschool, because I decided this summer that we are no longer doing art projects at home. I spend 5 minutes getting everything ready, ( like play dough), they spend 1.5 minutes playing with it, and then I spend 15 minutes cleaning it up. Same with paint, markers, crayons, etc.... I had a brainstorm about two weeks ago, and decided they get enough of that kind of stuff at school. I have enough to clean up with three males using toilets at my house! HA! So here is to a new year filled with fun!