Sunday, September 21, 2008

Gateways' 10th birthday bash

The crowd in the outfield listening to live music
(Jaden and Connor dancing, yes his feet are off the ground)
Yesterday, we went to the Dell Diamond to help our church celebrate 10 years. They had tons of live music, fun activities and great food. I think Jaden had the most fun. He danced his little heart out to every song that played. He even got some recognition from one of the guys that helps set up Wide Awake as the best little dancer out there. I know some of you have seen him in action, but for those of you that have not, it is pure entertainment. He never fails to bring laughter and cheers to the crowd around him. His friend Connor was there as his dancing partner. The amount of energy those two had yesterday is astounding. Wish they could bottle it up and give some to us moms and dads who have to take turns running around to chase them.

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The Hultman's said...

It was a fun afternoon! Wish we would have seen you guys.