Friday, September 26, 2008

Dad's Night at Jaden's Preschool

Last night was Dad's night at Jaden's school. It was a chance for dad's to meet their child's teacher and see their classrooms, since most of the time mom's are the ones who drop off and pick up the kiddos. And of course if you are going to get the men to leave the house on their own with the kids you have to offer some kind of reward. There was hot dogs and hamburgers for everyone. I was there to meet the dad's from my class, and Josh was there to meet Jaden's teacher. She told us that Jaden has a girlfriend at school. Her name is Abbey, and apparently she is Jaden's favorite kid to play with. He runs around calling her name and trying to get her attention. Unfortunately, she is not as in to it as he is, and prefers to play with her girlfriends most of the time.
Jaden decided he would jump on and off the rock like the big boys were doing. For a mom ,it is one of those hold your breathe moments. As he grows bigger and more daring I am experiencing more and more of those.

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