Monday, April 18, 2011

Trying T ball

Well we decided to give t ball a try for Jaden. Unfortunately, he did not think this idea was as great as we thought it was. He really had no interest in playing. He went to a total of two practices, and one game. He did like to hit the ball and run the bases a few times during practice, but at the game he refused to hit, run, or play in the outfield. So we called it quits. I am not one for quitting something when you start it, but I signed him up for t ball thinking it would be a fun family event, not a torturous event that he wanted nothing to do with. So, here are the few pictures I took from our first/last t ball game. Notice that Brody was all about it.

Just put me in for Jaden, I'll do it! Jaden marching away from the field
The I don't want to face
Little brother holding Jaden's bat, ball, and wearing Jaden's team hat.

We will try another sport someday, because I think sports are important for many reasons, but I will let Jaden pick it, and tell me when he is ready.

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