Monday, April 25, 2011

Celebrating Easter

HE IS RISEN! What a great reason to celebrate! We spent Easter at the Ranch with the whole crew. What fun we all have together. I count my blessings that Josh and I truly adore both sides of our families, and that the time we spend together is so cherished. Easter Sunday we went to church in Stonewall, TX, followed by an Easter Egg Hunt and of course a delish Easter Lunch. Another great thing about our families is that we all love to eat, and drink and be merry. I think I gained 5 pounds in 3 days with all of the goodies.

On the hunt

Do you think it is more difficult to get a great picture of the 4 grand kids, or our little family of four? I am going to call it a toss up, and say that both are almost impossible. HA!

I don't know anything about it, but I have seen those commercials for the Cloud, where the women adjusts and crops different pictures to make one good one. I NEED that program! I can't even count on Josh to look at the camera.

Dying Eggs

Raley Swinging

We had several practice egg hunts, before our official Easter hunt, here is Brody's class hunt

Here is Jaden's class hunt

And of course one with Abby, they happened to having matching Easter baskets :)

And Grandma Webb brought Easter baskets too, filled with enough sugar to kill a small horse. Thanks Grandma!

And we also had a MOPS, Church at Canyon Creek Egg Hunt

Hope all of you had a wonderful Easter too! And that you feel as thankful as I do to have Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior, the greatest gift that has ever been given to me.

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