Thursday, October 10, 2013

Jaden is 7!!

Jaden celebrated his 7th birthday last week!  Grandma and Papa came in on Thursday to take him to Toys R' Us and to IHOP for pancakes for dinner!  He thought it was awesome!  On Friday his school had a picnic lunch so Grandma & Papa took him his favorite Chick Fila nuggets and a lemonade.  He eats 12 nuggets, no fries.  I can't imagine how many he will eat when he is a teenager.
On Saturday we went to Main Event for fun and games!  This motorcycle game was his favorite.  Uncle Jake came in town to help us celebrate.  The weather was beautiful so we had our first fire in our new fire pit too!  

On Sunday, Grandma B. came to visit and we made our first trip to Phil's Ice House.  They have really yummy burgers and a great playscape for the kids.   Brody is star student of the week and so he had the classroom turtle "Franklin" along for all of the fun activities.  On Monday, Grandma B went to lunch with Jaden and took him more Chick fila nuggets.  He could probably eat them everyday. 

Dear Jaden,
 At seven years old you are so FUN!  You are silly and sweet and sometimes you claim to be a vegetarian. Which you kind of are.  You have the prettiest blue eyes I have ever seen and you make me smile everyday.  I love taking walks and exploring outside with you.  You still have an amazing imagination and the things you think about and the way you think about them are really cool!  You are really into weather, planets, and maps right now.  It is so cool to see you become your own little person with your own interests.  I am so proud of you in so many ways.  I pray that you continue to love God with all your heart and that your daddy and I help you grow into the man God wants you to be!  I love you with all my heart!  Mommy

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