Monday, October 28, 2013


We traveled to Chicago to celebrate Jamie and Gavin's wedding.  Jaime is Josh's cousin on his mom's side and she has 2 sisters.  All of them have gotten married this year and we didn't make the first two weddings, but we at least made the last one.  Jaime was a beautiful bride and they are an adorable couple.  I am so glad that we were there and got a chance to spend time with our family that lives far away.  Josh and I took a little extra time and spent the night in the city just the two of us on Thursday and Sunday night.  We did family stuff on Friday and Saturday.  We left the kids with my mom in Austin. ( Thank you so much Mom, you are my hero and I love you)  Josh and I had such a great time together and I am so thankful we got to spend time exploring the city.  Chicago is beautiful and  maybe it's because we were in town for a wedding, but we felt like newly weds!
 We took an architectural tour of the river.  It was a little cold and windy but one of my favorite things that we did.
 We walked all over Chicago, including Millennium Park where "The Bean" is located. 

 The bean from afar

 More millennium park, it was gorgeous!

 We had lunch at this amazing place called "The Purple Pig".  It was listed number 7 on trip advisor and the concierge at our hotel suggested it after we told her we were from Texas.  She said, " Oh, Texas, you like meat right?  Go to purple pig."  I am not sure if that was an insult or not, but since we loved the restaurant and we do love meat, I'll take it as compliment!
 The slogan for Purple Pig was "Cheese, Wine and Swine"  Um, you had me at hello! We ordered the "smear" above which was whipped feta with cucumbers and then we each had a sandwich with meat cured by them.  If you live in Austin it was similar to "The Noble Pig" YUM!

 We stayed at the Hyatt Regency on Sunday night.  It was right on the river and happens to be the largest hotel in Chicago.  It was amazing!
 Several of the city building were lit pink in honor of breast cancer awareness month
 The stained glass museum inside Navy Pier

 My mom is a huge Margaritaville fan so when I saw one on the pier I had to take a picture for her.   
 My husband was a dancing man at the wedding.  He had so much fun dancing that his legs were sore the next day.  Ha!  

 I love this picture because it kinda captures the Teibel side of the family in a snapshot.  Everyone standing or sitting around together eating and drinking and thoroughly enjoying each other.  I am so very blessed to have married into this family!  
 Thursday night we stayed at a Hotel Felix.  It was a boutique hotel so it was very charming.  (that is the word they use for small in real estate terms)
 We had breakfast at Yolk.  My goodness it was delicious!  

 That night we went to "Improv All Stars" at Second City Comedy Club.  Apparently, the club is where a lot of great SNL comedians started.  I was a little worried that the show might be to vulgar for my taste, but is wasn't and we loved it!  

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