Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Luke & Katie's Wedding Weekend

Luke & Katie got married in Houston June 15th and we were all their to help celebrate!  We just love Katie and are so happy that she is now a part of our family!  We started our Houston trip with a visit to the Aquarium.  The kids loved it and the food was yummy!

 Don't let Brody's grumpy face fool you, he had a great time, he just didn't want to take a picture, and if you know Brody, you know that he doesn't do what he doesn't want to!  There is a reason we call him "Bear" !
 Have you ever seen anything so cute?
 The hotel we stayed at was great!  It had an indoor swimming pool, delicious breakfast, two cozy beds, two TV's and a little kitchen!  Perfect for us!

 I took this picture below when Katie was walking down the aisle.  I think all of the boys were probably blown away by how beautiful she was, especially Luke!  Jaden was a ring bearer and Raley a flower girl.  This was their first wedding and they both did so great!  We were so proud!

 There were so many of us and the wedding events were scattered over Houston that we decided to take a limo.  It was the kids first time in a limo and they had a blast!  Brody was grumpy about something when we first got in the car and I can't help but smile at that face he gives me!  Good thing he recovers quickly from being grumpy or it would have been a long night for me!  When we got to the reception instead of a guest book, Luke & Katie had a bench that everyone signed.  The kids included!

 On Sunday we stopped by Sam & Jessica's on our way home and visited with our other side of the family.  We had a great visit and the kids had so much fun together!  We tried to take a picture at the end of our visit and this is the best I got!  I think after a entire weekend of picture taking my boys were done! 

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