Sunday, June 9, 2013

End of a wonderful school year

My cup overflows as I think of all of the amazing wonderful things that have happened this school year.  Jaden started out this year as a pre- reader and now he is reading like a champ!  His report card was above expected level in each area that he was graded and his test results were all 100%.  He had a wonderful teacher and made many friends.  It was the first year that he was at a different school than me and although that was a little tough on my heart at first, I think we both are better for it now.  It is good for him to have experiences outside of me and our little bubble.  He is suppose to grow and change and become more independent, it is all part of God's plan for him.  I think that is probably a little easier for me to say because he wrote me love notes almost every single day during his flex (free) time.  He has such a sweet, sweet heart and I am grateful to watch God grow him every day.
 Last day of school                                 First day of school
 Jaden's Kinder Graduation

 Celebration breakfast at The Egg and I

 The Monday before Graduation we had a student led conference, Jaden showed me all the things he learned this year.  I was very impressed with him.  He brought home some of his work during the year, and those love notes to me I was talking about earlier, but I didn't see some of his work until the conference. It was then that I realized he really is learning alot at home too, alot about God.  And this probably made me more proud than all of the other stuff.   In the picture below he wrote the things he was most thankful for.   God, and he drew the world, mom and he drew me, food and he drew grapes, tree, Jesus and he drew the cross, and the last one is October muffins.  I made them with pumpkin pie filling and apparently they were a hit! ha!  

 Not only did he bring me love notes home, he wrote me love notes on the computer at school too!  My heart can not handle all of the sweetness this boy gives me y'all!
Brody had an amazing year too!  He had wonderful teachers and an incredible group of kids this year, and of course he was at my school so it was easy to peek in on him everyday. His new best buddy is Brock and he happens to live down the street from us, and he has an amazing mommy too that I adore.  This year Brody has matured quite a bit and learned to write his name.  He even "signs in" at church now.  Oh how part of me wishes some one would stop time!  I just love the stage of life we are in.  On the last day of school his class had an ice cream social.  So fun!  

 God has been so good to my little family this year!  I just finished my first year as director of the preschool Brody attends and I could not have had a better year!  I work with the most amazing women and I feel so very blessed to not only work there, but have my children go to school there too!  

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