Thursday, May 31, 2012

The perfect way to celebrate your 78th birthday!

The first weekend of May we celebrated my Grandmas 78th birthday!  We invited all the girls in our family and a few friends and did a limo wine tour.  My Grandma is the BEST, and I am so glad that we could get together for her birthday.  
 Renee & I at Pedernales Cellars
 All the ladies at Silver K Cafe
 Tasting wines at Becker

We had such a great day!  We also did a little shopping in between wineries, because what is a good girl day without a little shopping.   We finished off our evening with dinner at the Silver K Cafe in Johnson City.  If you are ever anywhere near the Silver Cafe at a meal time, I would highly recommend it!  After dinner we headed back to our ranch and some of us got in the hot tub.  I have done this wine trip several times with different groups and it is always fun, but this one was extra special!  We love you Grandma and can't wait to celebrate 79!

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