Thursday, May 24, 2012

End of another great preschool year

We celebrated the last day of school by making the biggest cookies ever!  They were so big it took us two days to eat all of them.  We had a great school year and I am sad that it is over.  Jaden will go to Kinder in the fall so it will be the last time he attends Canyon Creek Preschool.  He has grown up there, found his first love and best friend, lost his first tooth, made more friends than I can count, learned to write his name, and had the best teachers and experiences.  And now he is ready for a new adventure, big school as we call it.  I am not so sure that his mommy is ready.  I will miss him.  But we have all summer to play before big school so no reason to be sad just yet.  

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The Webbs said...

Oh my! Who is that young man?! He resembles Jaden but looks like a mini teenager!!