Sunday, April 29, 2012

Bunny Love

 I just happened to look out the front door earlier and saw this sweet little baby bunny on our porch.  Baby bunnies are the cutest little things.  My dad use to catch bunnies for me when I was little and I always adored him for that.  My mom probably was not as fond of the whole thing since I recall at least once letting a bunny loose in the house and it being stuck behind the fridge.
 So I called the boys over to see our sweet bunny.  They wanted me to catch him so I summed the country girl in me and caught the bunny. Except we kept the bunny outside.  He was very sweet and we all cuddled him.

He was probably scared to death, but we let him go back to his home in our bushes after about 5 minutes.  And then we left him carrots and lettuce treats.  We actually saw another baby bunny in the bushes when we put him back, so apparently there is a bunny family in the bushes.  We also have bunnies in the backyard.  So cute!

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