Thursday, October 27, 2011

Star Student of the Week

This week Jaden was star student in his Turtle class. When you are star student you get to bring home a backpack with Franklin the Turtle and you make a poster with your favorite things. Franklin is your guest for the weekend, and you are suppose to take him on adventures. So on the way home from school we stopped at Michaels for poster making supplies. We got all the essentials you need for a great poster including glitter glue pens. Here is Jaden making his poster. Franklin supervised the glitter extravaganza.

He used every last ounce of glitter glue.
The poster had some questions to answer and stick on there. One of them was "What makes you special ?" His reply was " that all the girls like me."

We took Franklin on lots of adventures. We went to the zoo on Sunday after church. We decided that Franklin would like to visit his turtle friends. And I had a groupon to the zoo that needed to be used.

Jaden was so excited to get to the turtle pen and when we got there these turtles were "wrestling". We quickly walked away from this group and around the corner to the other turtles that were not wrestling.

We stopped at Wendy's for a little fast food. Franklin likes french fries.

On Friday night we went to Flores for dinner, where Franklin had chips. We don't normally eat out so much, but since we had company it was a special weekend.

Standing proud by his finished poster hanging at school.

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