Saturday, October 22, 2011

Camera Thief!

What happens when you tell Brody he can't use your camera? He waits until you are not looking then he takes it from the office. Then he takes a few pictures. Then he hides the camera in his room. Here are some of his pictures.

He happened to hide the camera the weekend of Jaden's birthday which had me in a tizzy. I could not find it anywhere. I did not even know that Brody had taken it. We had family over and Rian needed a nap, so we pulled Brody's pack n play out of his closet and when we opened it up out popped the camera. Little stinker had not only taken the camera he hid it. We never use the pack n play anymore, so it would have taken me forever to find the camera. I laughed out loud when I saw the pictures he had taken. Unfortunately, he is in a hiding stage right now and it is driving me nuts. I just found my favorite lipstick and some of my rubber bands in his backpack. Silly boy!

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