Friday, August 19, 2011

Summer Swimming

It has been crazy hot here in Austin this summer. I think we are currently on our 6o something consecutive day of being over 100 degrees. It makes me hot just typing that. So, the boys and I have done a lot of swimming to help stay cool. Jaden took swim lessons at the Y. He can jump in from the side of the pool, doggie paddle to the middle, doggie paddle back, and then get out of the pool unassisted. He still does not want to put his head under, I partly contribute this to the fact that he had tubes in his ears when he was younger, and I would not let him put his head under water even though he wanted to. Now I want him to put his head under water and he won't do it. Go figure! Maybe next summer!

Here he is with his class, waiting his turn
Playing in the splash pad

I missed the shot, but the water splashed Brody right in the face, after I took this picture. He was mad for 2 minutes, or if you know Brody he was "angy".

Could they be any cuter?

Jaden swimming to his instructor

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