Monday, August 15, 2011

Girls Wine Weekend

We have had the Double R Ranch since 2007, and ever since then I have wanted to have a girls wine weekend. It finally happened the last weekend of July 2011. Why did it take four years to happen? Well all of us girls have been busy having babies, and drinking wine and babies don't exactly go together. Our good friend Molly, who was the realtor who helped find the Double R got married in April. We were suppose to have a girls weekend then to celebrate but it didn't happen until now.

We did it right and hired a limo bus. Our driver is pictured here in the middle of us girls. He is ex FBI something or other and he was the perfect driver for us girls. We felt like we had a babysitter to keep us out of trouble. :)
We went to 5 wineries, Texas Hills was our last stop. I think Pedernales Cellars was my favorite.

This is the fourth one, you can tell we are having a good time.

We finished off our wine day with dinner at Silver K in Johnson City. It was the perfect ending to a wonderful day. Jenn and I split the blue cheese tenderloin and crab stuffed avacado. Both were melt in your mouth delicious and make me hungry just thinking about it. I can't wait to plan another girl wine adventure, hopefully it will not take another 4 years to happen.

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