Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Our Christmas vacation started out with Josh getting the flu the Sunday before Christmas. Josh was going to take some time off from work and I had visions of him doing some daddy day care while I shopped and cleaned and got ready to host Christmas at our house. Unfortunately for us, the flu left Josh quarantined in our room and in bed until Thursday. So even though he did take some time off from work, it was time spent isolated with the flu. No fun for any of us. So that left me sleeping in the guest bedroom and sanitizing the house like a crazy person. The great news is that Josh got better quickly and no one else got sick so Christmas was saved. My family came to our house to celebrate.
Aunt Kathy, Grandma, Mom & Me
Brody had so much fun opening presents he passed right out on his new pillow pet
Brody trying out Jaden's new bike
Our family pjs Christmas eve
And Santa finally delivered bullseye, the very hard to find sought after toy. Jaden only had two things on his list, a bike and bullseye. Santa delivered. I absolutely love spending time with our families and just being together would have been enough of a Christmas present for me, but throw in a few presents and delicious food it's even better.

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