Monday, May 17, 2010

New House Pictures

Josh and I have been working hard getting the house put together. This weekend I painted our master bath and he did 3 hours of yard work. I'll post those pictures next time. Besides lots of work, we are enjoying just being in our new home. We have made friends with some neighbors, and I even went to the Ladies neighborhood Bunco group last week.
Here is the kitchen, it is really big and has so much storage I have empty cabinets. We had to get a new fridge and we picked the french door. I love it! In our old house we had stainless steel appliances and I hated them because both of the kids left fingerprints everytime they touched them, and it seemed like Brody made that his mission everytime he walked in the kitchen. The black is proving much better at not showing fingerprints, which means one less thing for me to clean! YEA!
The kitchen, breakfast area, and living room are all connected and open. I love being able to cook, or wash dishes and not feel like I am in the back corner of the house by myself.

The breakfast area

Almost the whole downstairs has these beautiful hardwood floors that I adore

The living room

The front entry

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