Wednesday, March 24, 2010

9 days in the country

The kids and I went to my parents house for spring break. It was great! Nine days without internet, little tv time, and tons of outdoor fun. I'll start with the scary part of the trip. Jaden and I stumbled upon a snake hiding under a rock at the creek where we throw sticks for Duke. The snake freaked me out and I quickly ran to get Papa and the gun. After killing the snake, we discovered it was only a harmless rat snake, instead of a dangerous snake. If you know me very well, you know that I HATE snakes, HATE them. They FREAK ME OUT! I am not scared of spiders, or rats, or really anything else, but a snake will make me scream like a little girl and run for the hills. Just looking at this picture sorta freaks me out. So this snake never had a chance to survive once he was spotted by me. He had to die. Sorry snake.
I tried to get a picture of the boys frolicking in the absolutely gorgeous bluebonnets, but neither one would look at the camera.
On the farm, is this one area where sand runs down the hill when it rains and has formed what Jaden named "the biggest sand box ever"
We spent hours at the sand box, and the boys loved it
The longhorns are having calves and there are some cute ones
Cant resist the water
The cows coming to see if we have cubes to give them
The creek were we found the snake
This dirt is fun, I think I'll make a mud pie
Another attempt at a wildflower shot

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