Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas in Colorado

I will have to make many posts in order to cover our 2 week vacation to Colorado for Christmas. So here is the first. We planned to start our 16 hour drive ( which actually took 18 1/2 hours) to Frisco Colorado on Monday afternoon. We figured it would be easier to drive through the night with the kids rather than try to entertain them all day in their car seats. Sunday we spent most of the day packing and loading the car and it was a good thing we did, because Sunday night at midnight Jaden started yelling MOMMY, MOMMY, in a weird pathetic sort of way. So I got up and went to see why he was calling me, and as soon as I opened his door, I was hit with it! The HORRIBLE smell of vomit along with the realization I was going to have to clean it up. I cleaned up Jaden and put him in bed with me, which I never do, but the thought of changing his sheets and continuing to deal with the HORRIBLE smell was enough to make my stomach turn, so the sheets were going to have to wait til morning. I sent Josh downstairs to sleep on the couch so that he could get a good night's rest so he could drive us the next day. At 6 in the morning Brody gave me my usual wake up call, so I scooped him up and headed downstairs to find that Josh had been throwing up for hours. My stomach was queasy and I could not stop spraying Lysol. I sent Josh upstairs to bed with Jaden and Brody and I played for a little while, until my queasy stomach turned on me and I spent the next hour in the bathroom. Luckily, Brody was content playing in his room while we were all sick. Jaden woke up like nothing happened and seemed to have extra energy to burn. Josh and I took turns sleeping and finally decided we should just get in the car and go, so we did. At 6 pm on Monday we started our road trip. By the grace of God, Brody did not get sick and the stomach bug left the rest of us rather quickly. We arrived in Frisco at 11:30 on Tuesday. Uncle Luke spent the night with us on Sunday so that he could drive with Uncle Jake on Monday. He ended up with the bug Monday night on their drive to CO and had to pull over many times. It might be a while before he wants to stay with us again. HA! Fortunately, the BUG stopped there. We spent all day Tuesday resting and woke up Wednesday feeling great and ready to play in the snow! To be continued......

PS. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my wonderful Hubby today! I love you!

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