Friday, January 8, 2010

Brody's 1st Birthday

How messy can I be with my cupcake?
For some reason, the cupcakes were really crumbly, cooking in high altitudes is tough. They still tasted great!
Opening presents --good thing Jaden was there to assist
First cupcake! I think he liked it!
Brody had a great first birthday. I am sure he was confused about all the presents and fun two days in a row, but he really enjoyed it. Josh and I both have January birthdays close to Christmas so we are going to make sure Brody has great birthdays every year separate from Christmas Day, even though I am sure that will prove to be hard since it is the very next day. I can't believe my baby is ONE! Brody, we love you so much and are so happy God choose you to make our family complete. Every day you bring us joy and we love you more and more.

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