Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween Highlights

Here are our Halloween highlights! Sam & Jessica came in town to visit and we all had a great time. Except for the fact that Brody is teething and was a little cranky. We went to Debbie & Casey's house for their annual Halloween party, followed by trick or treating in the neighborhood. This picture is of one of the scary neighbors. Almost all of the kids bolted when he answered the door, but Jaden didn't even flinch. He just wanted candy. Brave little boy. Sweet Brody
The Dragon and the Pumpkin
When Jaden walked his tail wiggled, it was cute
Mommy & the Pumpkin
On Sunday we went to a park and fed the ducks, and ate 5 guys burgers & fries. Yum!
Uncle Sam
The Bibler's
So much fun!
Thanks Jess & Sam for sending me your pictures and for coming to visit this weekend. We had such a great time and I know the kids enjoyed their time with you!

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