Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pumpkin Patch Festival

Throwing hay is soo much fun when you are 3!
Jaden, Abby & Connor
1st attempt to get a group picture, why do they make it so difficult?

2nd attempt, notice how neither of them will look at the camera!

They had pony rides, and Jaden said he wanted Brody to go first. By the time Brody was done, Jaden was off to the next activity with Connor so he didn't ride the pony.

After the festival we went to Boat House Grill for lunch. They put a playscape in, so the big boys had tons of fun playing while we waited for lunch. On the way home Jaden wanted to ride in Brody's carseat, (which is the same as his, but faces backwards) so I let him. Pick your battles right? His feet were crammed into his chest, and the straps were so tight he could barely move, but when we got home, he said, "Mommy I want to ride in Brody's seat all the time". To which I thought "whatever you are silly", but I answered him, " We'll see". Brody enjoyed Jaden's seat so much he decided to take a little nap in it. I love the open mouth.

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