Friday, October 16, 2009

Finger licking good

Brody has been eating more table food lately, mostly because he hates baby food. He has never really liked it and he would much rather eat whatever we are eating. He also would rather feed himself than let me feed him. So last night we had meatloaf and mashed potatoes. I got an excellent meatloaf recipe from Josh's Grandma and it is the only recipe I use. In fact, I hated meatloaf until I tried this recipe. Josh's Grandma passed away when I was pregnant with Jaden. It makes me sad that she will never get to meet our boys. But every time I cook with one of her recipes, I feel like a little of her is with us. We love and miss you Grandma.
What am I using the wrong end of the spoon?
Maybe I will just use my fingers instead of the spoon
Aw, much better, I'll just put the spoon down now
And since I did not have a blog when Jaden was little, here he is eating mashed potatoes around Brody's age.
No spoon, all fingers

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