Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New Car, New Roof

Sorry for the infrequent post lately, I have had alot to deal with. I had a horrible stomach bug last week that left me in bed for 3 days. I have not felt that bad in a long time. No one else caught the bug, thank goodness. I could not imagine how awful it would have been if any of the boys got it.

The hail storm I posted of earlier has led to us needing a new roof, (even though we just got a new roof in Nov 2006) $5000.00 of repair to my truck and $5000.00 of damage to Josh's truck. My truck is new, so we will get it fixed somewhere, (of which I have yet to find the place so it is still on the to do list) Josh's truck however we decided was not worth fixing, and since we had it paid off, we didn't have to fix it. So we took his insurance check, and sold his truck "as is" at the auction. Amazingly, it still brought $4300.00 with the massive hail damage and a cracked windshield. He took his money, ( and a little more) and got a 2007 Chrysler 300 Touring. It is really nice, and all decked out with leather and cool features. He has been wanting to make the transition to a car for a while now, so this was the perfect time to do it. My dad is a car dealer, and I can not even tell you how many cars I have driven. In high school, I practically switched cars every week. Josh has only had 3 trucks his whole life.

The boys are great! Jaden is a fantastic big brother and Brody is starting to take notice. Jaden will wave toys in front of bear and bear now smiles and tries to get them. Bear just sits back and watches his whirl wind of a brother and I have to wonder what he is thinking. I can officially see him thinking. He has tons of concentration for such a youngin'. We have been enjoying walks around the neighborhood in the beautiful weather. It is already so hot though, that I am dreading horrendous summer heat. On the positive side of that, I can't wait to go swimming, (thanks to my black tank-kini, and swim skirt) Jaden loves the water, and I can tell Brody bear will too. I will post again very soon with some recent pictures including the new car.

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