Saturday, January 24, 2009

Jaden is such a Big Boy

Here are a few recent pictures

We have been telling Jaden for months about how he is such a big boy and how cool it is to be a big boy. We've preached about how lucky he is and how much more a big boy can do than a little baby. Of course, we said all of this to help prepare him for Brody's arrival and didn't actually believe that he was really all that big of a boy. Maybe a large baby, but definitely not a big boy. However, we've realized that something has happened over the last few weeks...Jaden has become a BIG BOY! All of a sudden his little baby hands and feet seem gigantic to us! He might as well be as tall as a five year old when he stretches out beside Brody. He doesn't need a booster seat when he sits at the table and he can drink out of a regular cup. (with supervision) He constantly surprises us with all that he knows and to be honest it has been freaking us out a bit. However, after careful consideration, we decided that instead of sitting around wondering how our baby could have gotten so big so fast that it would be much more beneficial to just embrace our little pre-teen. He started soccer tots with Daddy today. I was not there, but was told that they had alot of fun. All I know is he was so tired he crashed in the car on the way home and finally took a good nap, something he has not been doing lately.

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