Sunday, January 11, 2009

Brody is 2 weeks old

Brody turned two weeks old on Friday. He is such an easy going and content little baby. He just chills out as his Tazmanian Devil brother swirls all around him. He has the sweetest eyes and will just focus right on you with this questioning gaze. He absolutely loves to be held and almost always stops fussing as soon as you pick him up. He loves to eat and would probably eat constantly if we let him. At his checkup he gained 19 ounces in 11 days. We can already tell he is going to be tough as nails since he rarely even acknowledges his brothers "squeezes", and "kisses". He is by far the loudest baby ever...he snorts, grunts, groans, squeeks, etc. He is already such a big part of our family that it is hard to believe he has only been here a few short weeks. We can't wait to learn more and more about this little bundle of joy!!


The Hultman's said...

I can't get over his hair. I love it! Did Jaden have lots of hair too?

Anjie said...

Hello and Congrats to you guys!!! Brody is stinkin cute! I was excited to see that you commented on our blog and was even more excited to check out how you have been! Hope all continues to go well for you!