Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas Exchange with the Kloesel's

Every year we try to get together with our great friends the Kloesels. Renee and I have been friends since high school, and our husbands have been great friends since we started dating them, and now our boys are great friends too. We ordered mexican (I know really festive) and hung out til the little boys got tired. My wonderful husband decided not to wait for Santa and bought me a new camera, so I am back in the picture taking business. Thanks honey!
Colten and Jaden have so much fun together. They were running from room to room, wrestling, laughing and having a ball.

Jaden got a Santa towel as one of his presents. When he sees Santa he says "HO, HO, HO". I don't know where he learned that from, but I think it is too cute.

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Sam said...

To cute. Can't wait to see everyone next weekend.