Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Life is good if your name is Brody

If your name is Brody, you get to have one on one lunch dates with your favorite girl, your mommy, while Jaden is at big school.  And you may even get ice cream!  You will get to tell her as many stories as you would like and she gives you her undivided attention.  She loves your super hero, Chima lego adventures!
 You get to play t ball for the first time with four of your friends from school including your best friend!
 You also get to have play dates with your best friend where you eat Cheetos and play Legos
 You get to eat even more Cheetos by the pool with your brother
 You get to wear all blue and be part of the Rock Hounds

 You get to make a tough face because that is what guys do

And you get to chill whenever you want! Life is good!

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