Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spring Break Fun

The little ones and I headed to my home town to visit my parents for Spring Break!  We all just love spring break!  It's like a summer preview!  The boys had a great time and got to do all sort of things they don't get to do in Austin.  Their favorite was probably swimming in the mud pond.  Boys will be boys!

 When I was growing up I loved these trees. I use to plant acorns and grow them into baby trees and then my mom would plant them.   They are huge now! I still love oak trees and brought some acorns to Austin in hopes to grow baby oaks to plant in my yard!

 Both of my kiddos gave up naps years ago, but when you have a super busy morning, stay up late a few nights in a row and take a tour of the Lexington, you just can't help but catch a little cat nap in the car.  Even Jaden shut his eyes for a few minutes.

The boys loved the Lexington!  I hope to go back again when they are a little older and can really appreciate the history!  We only toured half of the deck below so I imagine there is lots more to see!  I love my parents more than words can say and my boys do too!  I am so blessed to get to spend so much time with them and get to do so many cool things with them and my kids!  

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