Monday, September 12, 2011

The End of Summer

It is hard to believe that summer is over when it is still 100 degress outside. But we are back in school, football is on tv, and departments stores are fully stocked with jeans, long sleeve t's and jackets. Pretty sure we will not be needing a jacket anytime soon. Although, one morning last week, it was a cool 73 degrees on our way to school, and when Jaden walked out the door he said " Brr, I think I need a jacket mommy!" To which I replied, don't worry it will be hot in about 5 minutes. And I thought to myself, bless his little deep fried southern heart, that he thinks 73 is chilly!

The last weekend before school started, the little boys and I headed to my parents house. I was recovering from my third, yes, third round of strep throat. I just found out last week, that my sweet Brody Bear is a carrier for strep. Which means he doesn't get sick, but he can pass it on to other people and make them sick. Which is why I got it three times. He is on antibotics now, and hopefully that cures the issue.

My mom had two big pots that she hadn't put anything in yet, and the boys thought they made great swimming pools.

We took a day trip to Port A. The boys loved feeding the seagulls pretzel goldfish.

Jaden and Grandma did lots of swimming.

Papa and Brody did lots of digging.

We had a wonderful summer, filled with lots of trips, family and FUN! It was also filled with alot of growing up. The Binkie fairy came to our house and took away the pacifier. Brody moved to a big boy toddler bed, and he potty trained himself. I talked to him about going potty all summer and he would not even consider sitting on the potty. Then, he woke up one day in July, and said, " I go pee pee on the potty now, " sat on the potty, went, and then asked for underwear. And he has only had a few accidents since. Here he is in his Lighting McQueen undies. Because who doesn't want their favorite race car on their booty.

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