Thursday, March 3, 2011

Two Bouncy House Birthday Parties in a Row

Two of our favorite little boys Colten, and Connor, have February birthdays, a week apart from each other, so we always have fun weekends the first part of February. Colten turned 5 this year and celebrated his birthday at Extreme Fun. All the kids had a great time, as you can tell in this picture below by their red faces. :)

Brody had fun too, don't let the stinker face fool you

And Connor had his 4th birthday at Pump it Up. Pump it up is the perfect birthday joint, and the way they do parties is great. All of the attendees get to be in a private bouncy house area together without any other kids. This means that the only people around you are there for the party, and you don't have to worry about any random stinker kids being there to ruin your fun. If you have preschoolers and have ever taken them to a bouncy house, Chickfila, McDonalds, and had to leave because their was a mean kid there who was not being supervised by an adult, and more than likely using potty talk too, you can really appreciate this.

So much fun!

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