Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween continued

Look closely at Brody's face to see how excitied he was to see a mini pony at the Pumpkin Festival at church
Our little Donald Duck, he had an adorable donald hat to go with his outfit, but refused to wear it

Our little group of trick or treaters

This was Brody's first year trick or treating, and he acted like he had been doing it for years. Of course it is much easier to mimic and older sibling

The costume parade at school

Brody, cousin Ryder, and Jaden at the Pumpkin Festival

Ryder & his momma

The boys and I

We did tons of fun stuff for Halloween this year. We went to a pumpkin carving party, a Pumpkin Festival with a petting zoo, hayrides, pumpkin painting and games. Sam, Jessica & Ryder came to visit us, and of course we went Trick or Treating. Brody would run up to the door, at least 10 paces behind the other kids and would say "Treat" " Thank you" No tricks for him. And then he would run back to the wagon to check out his treat. If it looked good, he would try to eat it, and if not he would run back to the next house. It was really cute. And Jaden just ran from house to house with all of the older kids we were with. Our neighborhood is perfect for trick or treating. I know next year will be even more fun!

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