Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

Josh and I are both extremely lucky to have fathers who really love being dads. They are emotionally available to us, respectful to our mothers, and wonderful role models. One of the many things I love about seeing our dads as grandpas, is that it has become even more clear to me what loving fathers they were and continue to be. We love seeing our children around their grandpas and watching their faces light up. We love our Grandpas. And now that I get to see Josh as a dad, he is exactly the kind of father I envisioned for my children. He loves being a dad and that shows in all that he does every single day. The boys are so very blessed to have a father who loves them with all of his might. Josh recently told me that one night when he was reading Jaden stories that Jaden said out of the blue "Dad, you're my best friend" And even though the offhand comment was made by a very silly (and fickel) three year old little boy, somehow in my heart I doubt a truer statement has ever been spoken. Thanks to all the wonderful Dads in our life for all that you do to make life a little sweeter!

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