Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Family Reunion

The newest member of the family
Our part of the group
Heading to the stairs for the group pictures
We went on the Exotic Zoo Tour. The kids had alot of fun feeding the animals. Some of the family stayed at the facility, not with the animals of course, but in the cabins on the property.
Brody's first time in the pool. He loved it, he even fell asleep in his float after about 30 minutes. Looks like I will have two water babies. Jaden spent so much time in the pool, it is hard to believe that he did anything else.
Hangin' Around the Pool
We had such a wonderful memorial weekend with all Teibel Family. It is so much fun to have a family that is so fantastic, and gets along so well. Most of the weekend was spent catching up by playing games, eating, eating, more eating, drinking, swimming, and laughing. I can' t wait until we get together again. Love you all!
I posted all of our pictures of the weekend to
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Elaine said...

What a cute family...glad I have a new blog to follow. You look great and super happy. Take care!