Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Our busy weekend

Sunday we went to the ranch with the rest of Josh's family to hang out and do a little work to get the house ready for summer. Jaden had a great time running around and playing with his cousin Raley. This was Brody's first trip to the ranch. Jaden was trying to hug Raley and Brody at the same time in this picture.
Can you believe the hair on this kid? and yes that is a double chin you see

Brody slept through Colten's birthday party

Jaden ran circles around the bounce house at Colten's 3rd birthday party on Saturday. He had a great time and his face was beat red when we left. He came home and took a three hour nap. Yeah! My wonderful husband spoiled me all day by cooking and cleaning and making me feel like a princess for Valentines Day. He even made me a candle-lit bubble bath after the kids went to bed. So sweet! I love you babe!

Colten, the birthday boy

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