Friday, November 7, 2008

First Professional Haircut

I have cut Jaden's hair a few times before, but this was his first professional haircut. Daddy got his hair cut first, and then Jaden got his done. He did great. I am sure the lollipop and toys helped out, in fact, give the boy a sucker and he will do pretty much anything you want him to. I realized I have not updated you on all of Jaden's progress lately. We transferred him to his big boy bed right after his 2nd birthday, and he took to it like fish take to water. He went to sleep and slept all night from the very first night. He has gotten out of bed a few times since then, but we just tell him to get back in bed, and he goes to sleep. He is also doing very well at preschool. He has a girlfriend named Abby. The run around together on the playground holding hands, and they sit next to each other at snack time. I can't believe he is already chasing girls. He is such a sweet boy, and I am soaking up all of our one on one time together before baby Brody gets here.

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