Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Frio River Trip

After a busy long weekend in St. Louis, Jaden and I headed to Leakey, TX for some R&R with Grandma and Grandpa Webb. My parents have a cabin there on the beautiful Frio River. This year the water is a little low for floating, but since Jaden is not even 2 yet, and I am pregnant, we wouldn't do any floating anyway. We did hang out in the water with our tubes every afternoon. This is the first summer Jaden has been able to enjoy the water. I love every part of Leakey. My parents are there to be the best grandparents ever and entertain and take care of little man, my cell phone doesn't work, we don't watch any TV and we hang outside enjoying nature. In front of the cabin my dad puts corn out for the deer. We call them welfare deer because they stand around waiting for us to put out more corn. Jaden loves them and one of his first words was deer. If only he could figure out how to catch one so he could play with it.

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