Friday, June 6, 2008

Play dates

Being a stay at home mom I know how vital play dates are for Jaden and I. We make sure to schedule various play dates with our different friends at least a couple of times a week. We also participate in MOPS twice a month. Jaden is very social (like his daddy), and high energy (like most boys) so getting together for play dates wipes him out and leaves him in a great mood. It's a win-win. What I didn't realize until last night, is that as adults we need play dates too. My wonderful husband watched the baby so that I could watch Sex n the City with my girlfriends. We had tons of fun in the movie theater filled with all women waiting to watch a love story. We cried and laughed and I left feeling rejuvenated and content. So make sure you go on a play date sometime soon. It will leave you feeling great, whether you are a toddler or an adult.

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